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Spider-Man Homecoming

Written in2017

By Omar Todd

To alleviate all fears and anxieties, let’s start here — it was a good flick! Startlingly self-aware and fun. It stretches the superhero genre… taking it to new meta heights the only way Marvel can. The repercussions of having Spidey in the cinematic universe are yet to be seen, but being Marvel’s flagship character I’m sure they are very excited it’s done well.

Spider-Man is proof of concept for a much larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is a giant plus for Marvel. There were a lot of villains, but it didn’t feel clunky…

by Omar Todd

Originally posted on Feb 4th 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes is one of those rare films that not only surpasses its source material, it actually stands alone as one of the best ways to do a reboot. I’ve personally been impressed by this trilogy, the final entry is no different.

Andy Serkis commands the screen from the moment his titular character, Caesar walks on the screen until the screen fades to black. The motion capture is amazing. Like its two predecessors, the audience forgets they’re watching computer-generated characters.

The film is visually stunning. The…

Rand-O Commando 3

Seconds after

Rand-O Commando #1

Rand-O Commando #1

Is Robert Hickman a madman? A genius? A trendsetter pushing the boundaries of the comics medium as far as they can go? The truth is, he’s all these things. He’s also a guy that got me to start buying comics religiously again.

I look forward to every Wednesday where I can buy my comics and catch up with my beloved X-Men.

A few years back, Wolverine died, and that was about the time I stopped reading comics. To be honest, before that, my interest had been waning due to a combination of a crappy experience working at a comic book…


Comics and Entertainment is my jam.

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